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What is WITS?

The Web Infrared Tool Shed is a collection of web pages and programs ("tool boxes") for the analysis of astronomical objects that emit primarily in the wavelength range 2 µm to 1 mm.  The goal of WITS is to provide the astronomical community with a uniform set of models over a large parameter space of source properties. WITS consists of:

And don't forget our motto:

 "Reliable Astrophysics at Everyday Low, Low Prices!"®

The development of these tools was supported by NASA Applied Information Systems Research Program grant NAG 5-10751 under the direction of Drs. Mark WolfireMarc PoundPeter TeubenLee Mundy, and Steve Lord. Previous support was from NASA Astrophysics Data Program grant NAG 5-675.


Please direct comments, criticisms, corrections and contributions to Marc Pound.
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