The Tools

The PDR Toolbox is implemented as a Python package, hosted at and installable with pip (pip install pdrtpy). Full documentation is available online; we have created example notebooks; and the code itself on github. The main tool in the Toolbox is LineRatioFit which is used to determine H density \(n\) and radiation field \(G_0\) from your observations. Observations can be single pixel or maps and are represented in pdrtpy as Measurements. The best way to learn how to use pdrtpy is to install it and work through the notebooks. We suggest you do the notebooks in this order:

What About the Web-based PDRT?

The "classic" PDRT website and tools have now been shut down. We will not update the models or code there. We urge you to transition to pdrtpy with alacrity as it already has better functionality and is where all development will be concentrated.