Dust InfraRed Toolbox Info

Running DIRT

The current version of DIRT is 3.1 patch 14:13 08/16/2007 (latest changes)

The applet jar files are about 700 kbytes, so they will take a few seconds to load (depending on your connection). Once the applet has loaded, a frame will appear outside your browser from which you can enter source parameters and launch the dust emission model explorer.

System Requirements

You must have a browser capable of running Java 1.4 or above. To do so, you must install the Java Plugin at http://java.sun.com/products/plugin.

Known problems in version 3.0Beta

Got a beef?

Send comments and criticisms to Marc Pound. Please note whether you have found a bug or are requesting an enhancement. If a bug, include the contents of the Java Console (under the Tools Menu in Mozilla/Netscape). Also include your operating system, computer type, and any other info you think would help. Thanks!


Please direct comments, criticisms, corrections and contributions to Marc Pound
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