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When you start DIRT, you are presented with a small window from which you select the parameters of the models you wish to investigate. When you press Go!, all the models that match your inputs will be fetched from the database and scaled to the chosen distance. Currently, only Spherical Envelope models are available (so you can't set Surface Density Law or Temperature Law).

HEY! The model files are large, so it takes about 0.5 - 1 seconds to load each model. If your parameters match more than about 50 models, expect to wait close to a minute before the display appears.

Model Parameter Selection

Selecting Model Parameters

Select the model input parameters for which you wish to institute a database search. The available parameters are:

When ready, click Go!

What The Messages Mean

After you click Go, the yellow information line tells you what is happening while you wait for your models to load. Here is the list of messages and what they mean:

DIRT won't allow more than one Plot Controller at a time. Once the Plot Controller is up, the Go button will be disabled. It will be reenabled after you close the Plot Controller and the staging area is clean.

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