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The Details Window displays auxiliary data associated with the chosen model. These are model outputs that have been calculated along with the SED.

DIRT Details Window
The Details Window
The yellow plot panel shows, you guessed it, the actual plot. You can zoom in on any portion of the plot area. To zoom in, press and hold any mouse button and drag the mouse downwards to draw a box. To zoom out, drag the mouse upward to make a box in a similar fashion. Clicking on the 'AutoScale' button rescales the plot so that all the data fits, i.e., it zooms out all the way.

The upper left panel displays the basic information (Luminosity, Temperature, etc) for the selected model. model information
  Details Model Information

The middle left panel ("What To Plot") shows your choices of which Details data to plot. Simply check the box next to the plot you want to see. The choices are:

  • Average Temperature and gas Density as a function of radial distance from the central source. The gas density includes both H and He and has been multiplied by 1E19 so it can be shown on the same plot with the temperature. Two Temperatures are plotted. The gas temperature is approximately the average grain temperature for strong coupling between gas and grains. The radiation temperature is the average grain temperature which conserves the bolometric grain emission.

  • Grain Temperatures - Temperature for the largest (0.250 µm) and smallest (0.005 µm) graphite (C) and silicate (Si) grains as a function of radial distance from the central source.

  • Emitted continuum Intensity as a function of wavelength and impact parameter (p) across the source. The innermost point includes intensity from both shell and central source.

  • Flux as a function of wavelength and beamsize

  • Total Flux as a function of frequency. This is the same as the default plot on the Plot View.
Details Plot Choices
Details Plot Choices

How To Plot The lower left panel ("How To Plot") lets you choose logarithmic or linear axes.
Choose logarithmic or linear axes.  

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